Starts 1997 on this planet

Becoming human is an art!

An excursion of wonders, forms of existence and phenomena of this world and their surroundings in need of explanation expressed in portraits of the other ART.

Nowadays called NFT .

Empathic emotional worlds in the form of transform.

As early as 1997, the spaceship was packed and finely spruced up. Refueled with PRO and SECCO and double-checked food bags. . The extra-planetary committee for eternal peace put a few more sea shanties in the playlist, what do you not do for the universe.

If you want to see the spaceship land, chat with aliens, meet the Dalai Lama, stop time, secure world peace (or unsettle you, depending on), free yourself from all sins or have always wanted to know „where the babies come from“, he is cordially invited to our website (now list them all).